Monday, January 20, 2014

Dashing and dapper

I see this man almost every day on Knez Mihailova street. He cuts a dashing figure, with his hat, leather jacket, and well-trimmed beard.  Not sure the poodle fits with him, but maybe he's the family dog.
Here's what the pyramid means.
Daily Haiku
Tall, slim, and handsome
You pass by me silently
My camera caught you


Olivier said...

et la pyramide représente quoi ?

Lowell said...

Another great street shot - you are so good at these. He's all the things you say. Perhaps he keeps the dog for the fur to make up his beard?

But if he lives in a small place/apartment, this would be the kind of do to have.

Luis Gomez said...


Alexa said...

Very sneaky! He looks a bit suspicious though. (Did he see you maybe?)

William Kendall said...

What a pair!