Wednesday, March 18, 2020


This beautiful building is not far from me. I only know it as being the place where I go for a medical exam to renew my driver's license.

However, while walking the dog I passed and saw a sign First Town Hospital. I looked it up and you can read about it right here.  It was constructed in 1868 as the first official hospital building. There is a museum inside now that I must visit.


Tanja Leković said...

If you like to get known more about Belgrade buildings, you could read the book of Nenad Novak Stefanović - Vodič kroz ljubavnu istoriju Beograda (it is in Serbian, but somehow I'm quite sure that you know our language ;-)) It is interesting and there is also the story about this building. Thanks a lot for showing my city in such a good way ♥

William Kendall said...

Beautiful architecture!


Not sure this lady is wearing gloves, but she has covered up her face...completely. A friend sent me this photo taken in a bus...thanks...