Monday, March 12, 2012

"You painted for nothing...."

It's so disrespectful to deface property like in the above photo. The sign reads "You painted for nothing", which in Serbian is written as below, first in the Cyrillic alphabet and then the Latin one:



I think the writer should spend or have spent a little more time in school....he/she has mixed up both alphabets. Most of the writing is in the Cyrillic alphabet, and the letter for the R should be a P.


Olivier said...

je trouve que les lettres de l'alphabet cyrillic sont tres belles

Lowell said...

Stupid and ignorant people do this kind of thing. I expect he/she was asleep in school (or still is) and is angry at the world because he can't count to ten without his shoes off!

Luis Gomez said...

You are so right. This is so awful!

Rajesh said...

This is very disrespectful.

Anonymous said...

This phrase "You painted for nothing" is an old graffiti "joke" usually used for school walls that look at the street and it became so common phrase that in Belgrade people are using it when they want to describe some work that at the end turned out to be useless:
A: - I was writing a document 'till this morning, didn't sleep and at the end lost it.
B: - Ooops, so you painted for nothing.

Anonymous said...


Not unlike the graffiti on the wall, you have word verification turned on.

It is hard to decipher the words. Why do you want to punish people who do stop and want to leave a comment, why punish them with hard to decipher words?

I thought it is nuts and for that reason, I turned my word verification off.

I will try one time to decipher the words and if you are reading this then I was able to decipher them. But I won't be back to comment until it is turned off.

Daryl Edelstein said...

obnoxious in any language

Alexa said...

Disrespectful defacement like this is not exactly a sign of intelligence, is it? Makes me sad.

Patruns said...

Sadly, I see more and more of this each year I come here.